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We are providing a wide range of legal services for corporate & individuals. We are fully supporting our clients to meet their needs.

Our team have entensive experience in pleadings before the General Courts, Commercial Courts, Criminal Courts, Labours Courts , administrative Courts, accompanying and defending clients before various judicial bodies and in the various departments, and judicial & quasi-judicial commissions. Our team also can prepare a statement of objection, appeals, grievances and etc.

The Legal team in the Office handles environmental pollution cases resulting from industrial wastes, hazardous wastes and claim appropriate compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Environment Law and the international agreements ratified by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the laws and  regulations of Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME).

Our team in the Office registers agencies, trademarks and business names with the competent authorities and provide the legal protection of the name, trademark and registered commercial agency by addressing and prosecuting the aggressors, and counterfeits.

Our team in the Office registers agencies, trademarks and business names with the competent authorities and provide the legal protection of the name, trademark and registered commercial agency by addressing and prosecuting the aggressors, and counterfeits.

The Legal team in the Office worktop provide the necessary legal services to the investment sector, according to the General Investment Authority law, and the executive regulation. , foreign companies benefit from our services among our services in this regard is participation in complex negotiations, through the international administration department attached to office and our abroad partners, which includes a selection of foreign and national experts, facilitating issuance of the investment & industrial licences from the competent authorities.

We have a specialized team who provides leading legal services in real estate disputes, issuance of deeds of ownership compensation of expropriation for public benefit. Our legal team have been representing our clients in the general courts across the Kingdom into real estates issues.

The Legal team in the Office undertakes all procedures and actions necessary to liquidate the estate and distribute it to the beneficiaries according to the Shari 'a.

The Legal team in the office manages public and judicial auctions, and carry out all the preliminary procedures necessary to obtain the approval of the competent judicial authorities to set up, and control in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The Legal team in the office is well knownfor predicting indicators of complex and high value commercial and financial disputes in different fields, Where we walk our clients to overcome such disputes in a way that leads to the achievement of their respective commercial and financial objectives through mediation and settlement of such disputes or by resorting to arbitration. We also provide preventive advice and consultation that protect our clients from being draggedto disputes.

Through a coherent work team, we provide all authentication services, which include authentication of companies contracts, formation and repudiation of agencies. Authentication of contracts, acknowledgements and declarations in real Estate sale transactions, moveable wealth divide transactions. Declaration and acknowledgement of the receiving, handing overand disposal of money amounts, authentication of dealings related to trademarks and contracts.

Our team have extensive experience in the field of M&A transactions between commercial entities.

Our Saudi banking and finance team provide the highest quality of legal advice to clients, covering the full spectrum of banking and finance work. We act for many organisations in Saudi Arabia in both public and private sectors as well as individuals. As the last few years have been some of the most challenging in the international finance markets we have made sure that our clients have been up to date with the latest regulatory and environmental changes by leveraging on our international network and drawing on our combined 5 years of experience. 

The team provide clients with a broad range of legal services related to corporate transactions. These services include drafting documents for the formation and sale of business entities such as corporations, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies, as well as contracts and related documents covering many facets of business transactions. 
The Law Office regularly advises corporate clients about the legal effects of commercial transactions between client and vendor, joint ventures, and even competitors. Additionally, legal services are provided to clients who wish to obtain protection of their intellectual property rights.

We view real estate in the broadest sense, taking into accounts all aspects impacting the built environment in which we operate. It will always include the physical land or the building constructed on that and but it doesn’t stop there. 

We consider the design of the building. Its energy consumption and how technologically future-proof it is, how the land or building is financed (whether by debt or equity), and the issues relating to public property companies.


We are a forward thinking and dynamic employment practice with an emphasis on finding solutions for our clients and enjoying the relationships we forge with them. We are committed to providing value to our clients by adapting our service to meet our clients’ specific needs and the challenging business environments in which our clients operate.

We are a friendly, approachable team providing proactive, pragmatic and commercial advice to local and international organisations in Saudi and its free zone areas across all sectors, including energy, construction, retail, industry, financial services, education, telecoms, transportation, IT and media.


We have a group of consultants who have extensive experience in the gas & Oil matters. They have been drafting and reviewing several of commercial contracts for generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity. Also drafting production sharing contracts and joint-operating agreements between the companies. Our legal team has represented many companies in the negotiation phase with other party as well as advising on a number of oil, gas and LNG supply contracts , various pipeline projects, the restructuring of refining and processing facilities, energy project financings, and a number of sale and purchase agreements for petroleum assets.

Your aim is to resolve a dispute as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible or to avoid disputes in the first instance. Members of our Saudi team sit as arbitrators and mediators and therefore have the necessary experience to advice on the most efficient way to resolve a dispute. We have a particular focus on shareholder, joint venture and commercial agency disputes, issues that are prevalent in Saudi. We have the experience and expertise to assist you with legal and commercial strategy and ensure the strategy is properly carried out. As well as engaging in disputes, the team advises on identifying and managing risk.

Our legal team has the extensive  experience in drafting bylaws for  corporates and trade establishment. Also our team was    drafting several bylaws for many governmental buddies.  Additionally our legal team has experience in writing the wills and shares of heirs.

Our Law Office represents clients in the courts (Commercial and Civil) and real estate disputes through providing to client several of legal solutions to resolve the dispute through alternative resolutions such as arbitration and mediation to resolve the dispute quickly.

We have a legal consultant team to fulfill the needs of our clients in initial stages of projects from drafting contract between parties and clarifying contractual maintaining to its rights in the contract. We have a team of specialized consultants working in business relationship, tenders management and governmental tenders through providing legal advice.

The firm provides a legal representation service to the corporation and trade establishment to meet all their needs. The legal team in the firm has extensive experience in laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia through their practical performance and experience in establishment needs. We strongly believe that the legal team has the knowledge and experience about business needs in the market, which allow our team to assist the client in his business to achieve successful in the business.

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